Notes from the Field: A Vietnamese Student’s Gap Year in Thailand

Editor’s Note:Hương Uyên Bùi is a Vietnamese student who applied for, and won, the TAP grant in her second language. I’ve chosen not to edit her work in English because, while her grammar and usage might not be fully standard, she communicates her message and her heart fluently. One of the things travel teaches is[…]

Impressions of America: Dangers of a Single Story Narrative

Before arriving in Brazil, all participants of Global Citizen Year meet at Stanford University in sunny California, to connect, get inspired by exceptional leaders and to share their worries and excitement. Since I was a small kid, I greatly adored the US. I remember as I watched High School Musical at home, together with my[…]

Notes from the Field: A Marvelous & Wearisome First Month in Brazil

Stanford. New friendships. Inspiring speeches. Learning a new language. More friends. Cultural differences. First signs of fluency in Portuguese. Making a joke in Portuguese! Cultural and language similarities. Host father. Host family. Beautiful beaches. Views. Smells. Unfamiliar food and drinks. Time to think. Downtime…. From each day that I spent in Brazil, I can come[…]