5 Ways to Travel Deeper on Your Gap Year

This post originally appeared on Rustic Pathways. If you check out #traveldeeper on Instagram, you’ll find a slew of beautiful, vibrant travel photos. But what does it mean to “travel deep”? What’s the difference between capturing a well “liked” photo and having an authentic, culturally immersive experience? We can tell you it has nothing to[…]

Fund Your Gap Year: Finding the Money to Travel

If you’re wondering how you’ll possibly find the money you need to fund your Gap Year, this post is the place to start. It’s an excerpt from the fantastic and FREE GapYear30 planning resource, provided by BootsnAll. There’s a parent’s version too! When considering fundraising for your Gap Year, take a three pronged approach to[…]

Celebrate Gap Year Exploration Month This February!

From rowing across the Atlantic Ocean to building a flying car to fighting for political change, there are endless ways to spend a gap year. More students every year are choosing to take a gap year after high school, but some lament  it’s difficult to find resources and other students who are also making that choice. Gap Year Exploration Month[…]