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Are You Taking a Gap Year?

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Why Take A Gap Year?

  • Because school is just the beginning of your education
  • Because you’re ready to experience the real world
  • Because adventure is the best teacher
  • Because your passions deserve purposeful attention
  • Because your corner of the world is only the start
  • Because yours is a generation of world citizens

After spending most of your life in a classroom, you’re ready for an adventure! The world is a big place and you realize that you’ve seen only a small portion of it. Maybe you’re looking for a break from the academics and a chance to regain your enthusiasm for the next level of your education or career pursuits.

  • Perhaps you’re unsure of which path to take next and you recognize the need to step back and reassess your passions and your purpose for the next phase of your life.
  • Maybe you’re interested in exploring your interests and giving back through volunteer work abroad.
  • Or, it could be that you’ve got a deep wanderlust and the road is calling to you, as it has to so many young people for generations.
  • It could be that you recognize that your education is incomplete and the things you most need to learn are things that can’t be contained within the four walls of a classroom.

Turn Your Adventure Into World Class Education

The Travel Access Project will take your travel dreams and help you turn them into a world class education. By leveraging our open source materials, you’ll create a portfolio of interest driven work, based on your journey, that will impress university admissions boards and potential employers alike, by connecting your education to the whole world.

Our educational plans are specifically designed to allow you to tweak them  to correspond to your individual journey. And, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other travelers who are on paths similar to your own (coming soon).

Who knows? You might just find your life’s work in Cambodia, or a business connection that catapults you into your career in New Zealand.

The Travel Access Project specializes in maximizing the educational potential of your adventure and quantifying it in a way that is meaningful to the “powers that be.”