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Why Travel Access Project?

  • Because you want your child to succeed
  • Because international experience is vital in our shrinking world
  • Because you know, first hand, what a great teacher the “real world” is
  • Because you want to see your child follow her passions, not the crowd

The education and career games are changing. Gone are the days of following the program to succeed. Gone are the days of a university degree guaranteeing a success in the workplace. Today’s young people need more than an institutional education to compete in the global marketplace.

  • They need passion.
  • They need inspiration.
  • They need the ability to think outside the box.
  • They need global experience.

The Travel Access Project Bridges The Gap

Between your young person’s desire to take a year off and travel and your concern for their continuing education. What if they could have the best of both worlds: A year “off” to explore their passions through travel, and, a rigorous educational experience custom designed according to their specific goals and interests?

The Travel Access Project provides a range of activities and assignments, carefully designed to stretch the student’s paradigm and develop their cultural fluency as they find teachers all around them in the real world. According to the plans developed through our open-source curriculum each student will develop a body of academic and creative work that reflects their journey, what they are learning, and their particular areas of interest.

Are You Traveling With Your Kids?

The Travel Access Project is not just for Gap Year students, it’s for families and solo travelers too. If you’re world schooling your kids, then this is an awesome resource for creating educational experiences as you travel. Feel free to grab the free materials and repurpose them in any way that suits your needs!