Introducing Tarah Waters: 2018 TAP Grant Recipient

When is a grant more than money?

When Sean and I set out to provide grants through the Travel Access Project, our goal was to get a Gap Year on every resume and to support the intersection of education and adventure everywhere we find it.

Sometimes the best way to help is to provide funding. Other times, a gift of time and experience is a better way to push a person and her idea forward.

Tarah has a big idea and what she needs most is support in figuring out how to make it fly, so that she can serve thousands of people and expand access to educational and ethical travel for everyone. That’s aligned with our core values!

What Sean, very generously, decided to provide instead of a financial grant, is a grant of his time and his expertise in building businesses in the travel sphere. He’s meeting with Tarah to help her form her project and get it off the ground. The cash value of his time is greater than the value of the grant we would have provided, and Tarah is excited to have an ally in her cause!

Meet Tarah Waters

Tarah Waters is a community and youth development speciality currently living Eastport, Maine. Over the last decade she has served in the United States Peace Corps in Morocco, studied in South Africa, and worked for non profits on the Big island of Hawaii. In 2015 Waters’ older sister and herself started a company called Dunia Unificada. A company dedicated to sustainable travel and local business support in nine countries around the world. Dunia Unificada is also dedicated to supporting local musicians and artists in these countries by featuring their work on our website, sending out announcements on social media channels, and encouraging tourists to visit their shops and go to their concerts.

With the help of the TAP coaching and business development grant, Tarah will be focusing on lifting Dunia Unificada off the ground and onto the screens of all travelers. She hopes to learn better business practices so that she can build more supportive networks to the locally based businesses Dunia Unificada works with in South America, Africa, and South Asia. Tarah is eager to learn and excited for the hard work she had ahead of her.

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