Tayson Amos: The People are the Best Part

I’m over the halfway point of my gap year and the idea of it almost being over is terrifying.

This trip is an opportunity that I am beyond grateful for.

Throughout this year I have changed in numerous different ways and have made friends in the most unexpected places. The thing I am most grateful for over this trip has definitely been the people.

Throughout the year I have been traveling within different groups for weeks at a time and every single time I change locations I am sad to leave the people the most. I know that the friends I’ve made on this trip will be with me for life.

Looking back, I can remember before this trip being worried about the people. Would they like me? Are they gonna hate me?

I see now that the anxiety wasn’t worth wasting time over.

When you can put yourself out there and trust in yourself, there’s no need to worry about the people. The people I’ve met when traveling are the ones who have changed me the most and that’s why this gap year is important.

My friends here taught me how to be me in the best possible way.

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