Fund a Scholarship

Do you believe that the world is the best classroom?

Travel Access Project is excited to announce that we will be awarding ten fully funded scholarships for Gap Year travel and education in 2017. Applications will open in March. Ten is a great start, but we’d love to award fifty! To do that, we need help. Do you believe a Gap Year is a valuable part of the educational process?

If so, directly support a student NOW


Do you believe travel is a phenomenal teacher?


Would you like to see students getting the real world experience to augment their formal educations?

Support the Travel Access Project in providing scholarships for students who want to take a Gap Year to expand their educations and gain experience.

Every dollar matters

…and every dollar you give goes directly to a student.


What can you give?

  • $20 buys a book
  • $50 buys a day’s frugal travel
  • $100 supports a week in a youth hostel
  • $150 provides intensive language lessons for a student
  • $200 buys a backpack
  • $500 covers a rail pass
  • $1000 buys a passport, immunizations, travel insurance and visa costs for a year
  • $2000 covers a RTW plane ticket for a Gap Year