Don’t Call it a Gap Year: Here’s Why

There is a nasty smell that hangs around the word Gap Year. One of the main reasons Gap Years have started to give off this foul odor is due to their association with volunteerism. A Volunteer Story… If you do not yet know what volunteerism, here is a little visualization. Harry, a well-meaning individual and[…]

5 Questions Every High School Student Should Ask Before Going to College

If the usual path taken from high school straight to college doesn’t seem sensible to you, believe me, you are not alone. There are thousands of students out there who don’t really like the idea, but too often we go along with this forced transition from one environment full of academic pressure to another just[…]

5 Ways to Travel Deeper on Your Gap Year

This post originally appeared on Rustic Pathways. If you check out #traveldeeper on Instagram, you’ll find a slew of beautiful, vibrant travel photos. But what does it mean to “travel deep”? What’s the difference between capturing a well “liked” photo and having an authentic, culturally immersive experience? We can tell you it has nothing to[…]

Why Use a Gap Year Counselor?

If you are in high school, chances are you or someone you know is working with a college counselor to help them through the painstaking college application process. For students who need help deciding which schools to apply to or how to write a great essay or how to finance their college experience, this guidance[…]

Scholarships, Grants & Funding for Gap Years

Planning a Gap Year but worried about money? Are you interested in a Gap Year but want to know how to fund it? Want to get more information about scholarships and grants for Gap Years? To find out how you can fund your Gap Year, watch this show “Scholarships, Grants, & Funding for Gap Years!”[…]

The Arts & Adventure Education: A Dance Gap Year

It no longer comes as a surprise that art funding and program implementation has become less of a focus in secondary schools. This means that many of our youth, especially those underrepresented will either receive little to no exposure of the arts. Meanwhile, the decline of artist jobs can make any student think twice about[…]