Travel Access Project Gap Year Grants

Travel Access Project is excited to announce that we will be awarding up to TEN grants for Gap Year travel and education in 2020.

Applications OPEN on January 15th and remain open until February 29th, 2020.

Our TAP Grants for Gap Year Travel application period is open for six weeks, from January 15 through Sunday, February 29th 2020.

The Grants

We are awarding as many as TEN $3000 grants for Gap Year travel during the 2020-21 academic year.

ANYONE CAN APPLY! No restrictions on age, or citizenship. We’ve awarded grants to people all over the world!

Each TAP Grant awarded includes:

  • $3000 USD to be used towards travel or educational costs associated with your Gap Year
  • Student membership in the Gap Year Association
  • Support from  Sean, Jenn for TAP Grant Recipients to celebrate and advance your Gap Year plans
  • Setout travel backpack, this is a full sized carry on bag from Tortuga Backpacks, we think it’s the perfect piece of luggage for your gap year!
  • GRAYL GEOPRESS, a large capacity filtering bottle that lets you drink the water, anywhere.
  • Access to special discounts from partner organizations, including Tortuga Backpacks, En Route Consulting, and BootsnAll.

Gap Year Grant for Undocumented Students

This year, we’re happy to partner with Pupusas for Education to offer a TWO special grants, for undocumented students, to take a domestic gap year. These are also valued at $3000 USD and include all of the benefits listed above. Cecilia Polanco, of P4E will provide the support structure for the recipients of this grant.

Who Should Apply?

Anyone planning to take a Gap Year during the 2020-21 school year. These grants are open to applicants in all countries and of all backgrounds. Previous recipients represented  six countries, and spoke at least five languages between them! The application and selection process happens in English.


  • High school graduates
  • Homeschoolers, Unschoolers, Worldschoolers, & the alternatively educated
  • College graduates taking a gap before beginning a career
  • Adults planning a career break
  • Families planning a family Gap Year

What makes our grants unique is that they are not tied to a particular program. We’re actively seeking creative people planning independent Gap Years for the purpose of combining education and adventure.

Meet Our Previous Grant Recipients.

These were the 2017 finalists, and the 2018 finalists, part one and part two, and the 2019 finalists to give you an idea of the kind of applications that make it to the top!

Apply now! And, be sure to share this opportunity with anyone you know who is interested.

21 grants over three years is a great start, but we’d love to award fifty! To do that, we need help. Do you believe a Gap Year is a valuable part of the educational process?

If so, directly support a student NOW.

Want to Help Fund a Grant?

WHO Funds Grants?

  • Core value aligned companies.
  • Individuals who want to give back in adventure and education.
  • Partners in related projects who want to support gap years.
  • Other non-profits that want to create a scholarship for gap year growth, like Pupusas for Education, who will fund a grant for Undocumented Students in Gap Year in 2020.

WHAT Does Funding a Grant Look Like?

  • $3000 provides one full grant with no admin fee
  • Fully tax deductible – Travel Access Project is a 501c3
  • Grant donor set the terms and value of the grant, in terms of funds and/or products or services provided to recipients
  • Grant donor receives
    • Marketing in the form of links and logos on the website
    • Gratitude, publicly
    • Blog post and newsletter mentions
  • Grant recipient agrees to be featured by the grant donor for promotional purposes
  • Feel good: Be part of the revolution in education and “real world” skill building for young people

HOW Do I Fund a Grant?

  • Contact Jenn for details:
  • Grant payments are due in December for applications opening in January
  • Grant donor can stipulate requirements of grants
  • TAP manages submissions and selection according to the requirements
  • Donors may participate in secondary selection process if desired

WHY Should I Fund a Grant?

We know that gap years round out the educational experience of students in the real world. That year in the world often inform’s a person’s career choice and path forward. By funding a grant you provide the opportunity for a deserving and motivated young person to combine adventure and education towards their future!

  • Funding a grant can be categorized as a tax write off or advertising expense
  • It’s an opportunity to democratize gap years and provide access to underserved populations
  • Supports educational travel and reform in education as a whole

Every dime of what you donate to travel access project goes directly to funding a student grant, never to admin costs; we cover those.

Donate now using this link:

Grant Partners:

2020 Grant Partners:

Tortuga Backpacks

We’re super excited to announce that, for a second year in the row, one of this year’s grants will be funded by Tortuga Backpacks!

The Setout Backpack, a full sized carry on, is perfect for your gap year. So perfect that Tortuga is GIVING A BACKPACK to every one of the recipients of 2019 TAP Grant for Gap Year Travel! How amazing is that?!

They’ve also got tons of packing advice, including some specific to student adventures, so start here when you begin to fill your bag!



Plastic waste is a huge problem, globally. If you take a 3 month gap year, and you buy, conservatively, two bottles of water per day, that’s 180 bottles of water.  And more than $200 spent.

GRAYL filter bottles allow you to drink the water anywhere, with one quick press.

We’re delighted to announce that GRAYL is providing one of their large capacity, easy to use GEOPRESS bottles to each TAP Grant recipient in 2020. Save the world, save money. That’s a win-win for you and the planet!

2018 Grant Partner: Extra Pack of Peanuts

A hearty thanks goes out to Travis & Heather Sherry, of Extra Pack of Peanuts, for helping to fund the 2018 TAP Grants with a generous donation. If you don’t know these guys, you should! They are THE experts in traveling more while spending less. Just what you need for your Gap Year, right?

Check out Extra Pack of Peanuts and learn travel hacking from the best!

Gap Year Counseling Grant Partner: Julia Rogers

Deep gratitude goes out to Julia Rogers, of En Route Consulting, for giving generously of her time and wealth of experience and resources.

Julia has partnered significantly with TAP to help us build our pre-departure experience for our grant recipients and is widely recognized as a leader in the Gap Year Consulting field.

She is GYA certified and every Gap Year student would benefit from her services.

Julia is offering a substantial discount on her consulting packages to EVERY person who completes an application for the Travel Access Project Grants. You’ll find the link and discount code on the “Thank You” page after you submit your grant application!

Have Questions?

Check our FAQ page first. If you don’t find the answer there, please email