Finding the Right Gap Year Program

How do you choose the right Gap Year program?

With an endless number of ways you can spend a Gap Year, how do you figure out which program or experience is the right one for you? To find out all about Gap Year programs and experiences, as well as how to find the right opportunity for you, watch this episode: “Gap Year Programs!”

If you google “gap year programs,” the millions of results can be totally overwhelming! So how do you find the right program or opportunity for you? In this show, the Ethan Knight, director of the Gap Year Association, along with Gap Year providers, Gap Year counselors, and former gap year students share their tips and advice for how to go about finding the right program.

There are three basic ways that people take Gap years:

Which one is best for you?

This is the sixth in a seven part series that we’ll be sharing, recorded at the AGA National Conference, in Boston, by Raquel Leder, of This Mom Needs Help.

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